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UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance is the UK’s export credit agency. As a government department (formally named the Export Credits Guarantee Department) that operates under an act of parliament, we complement the private market by providing government assistance to exporters and investors, principally in the form of insurance policies and guarantees on bank loans.

Our range of products and services has recently changed, providing the potential to assist a wider...

Ibrahim Al Baruni and Company

Since 1964, the firm of IBRAHIM BARUNI certified Public Accountants & Consultants IBAC has enjoyed your confidence whilst becoming one of the leading firms in Libya in the following fields: Accounting , Auditing, Taxation, Management ,Consultancy and other services Throughout more than 44 years ago, you and a very large number of other companies have entrusted us with your full confidence.

Alemaad Construction

Alemaad is a private firm based in Tripoli – Libya and specializes in engineers works , planning , design and supervision in a variety of technological fields . ACE maintains a group of highly experienced engineering fully competent to execute the work of the office in the best manner

The educational experience enjoyed by the staff of ACE is put at the disposal of our customers encompassing the fully range of engineering tasks, simple and...

ENG Holding

Based upon values and morals and by prospecting a distinguished investment activity and impelled by unlimited and unrestricted ambition, the National Engineer Holding Group emerged as well as established Company with a clear cut mission and vision, embodying a quantitative step in the level of performance of commercial companies and relying, by the Grace of God, on highly specialized and trained cadre who are self-confident from youth of this...

Little Feet

Pre-school for English speakers, both local and Expatriates

Tripoli International School

At Tripoli International School our motto is: “Sharing Knowledge, Gaining Wisdom.” To truly educate a child we believe it’s necessary to give them more than simple book facts and knowledge. To be effective human beings who can function in the world, students also need to have wisdom. This process involves interaction between teachers, students, parents, and the curriculum. Through interactive lessons, peer tutoring, activities, outings, and...

The American School of Tripoli

The American School of Tripoli pursues academic excellence for students in the international community through an American-based education that nurtures responsible, respectful, and globally conscious lifelong learners.

We believe that:

Children develop at individual rates and we cannot expect them all to master the same material at the same rate. Each child is unique and has a distinct learning style of his or her own that must be...

Bellwood Prestbury

Bellwood Prestbury is an expert in arranging cover for individuals or companies operating in high risk areas like Libya. Insurance coverage can include:

Specialist Libya insurance – including cover for people, possessions, cargo or property that will remain valid, even in a war situation Global life and accident insurance – cover including life, personal accident and disability insurance that will be effective in Libya Medical...

Libya Insurance Co.

Specialist insurance company established in 1964, with presence in Tripoli, Benghazi, Darna, Gharyan, Zawya, El Khams, Sabha. Libya insurance provides a wide spectrum of insurance services, such as maritime and freight insurance, car insurance, life and health insurance, etc.